Amazingly Cultural

Toraja, one of the beautiful and fascinating place. Many places to visit, and soooo many places also for trekking. I had very good experience in Toraja, because I found one of the nice and honest tour guide his name is Luther (0813 4246 3828). He is very helpful and know a lot of things, speak English very well. During our stay in Toraja he leads us to some less touristy spot, though the places was amazing. Not only that, he knows really well how to reach up to the mountain. I recommended him for anyone need tour guide in Toraja, especially for trekking. Luther also suggested me to stay in Rosalina home stay (0852-5572-5432), which very very homie, friendly owner (Rosalina & Enos) and pleasant home stay in Rantepao. I spent 200.000/night. Tana Toraja is definitely a place you need to stay at least a couple of days or week.

Nanda S

Jakarta, Indonesia

More than just a mystical symbol

Tana Toraja might be famous for its death ceremonial, but beside that visiting tana toraja you will witness such a wonderful place mix of tradition, great architecture and nature There are many places to visit in Tana Toraja and I'm glad that its tourist attraction is being maintained quite well it surely one of most memorable place to visit

Anissa A

Jakarta, Indonesia

Place Peaceful

I find the place peaceful and unspoiled as there are not yet many visitors (except when there are funeral ceremonies)


Jakarta, Indonesia

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