Lemo, Cliff Burial

Lemo, Cliff Burial

Objek Wisata Lemo, Makale, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia

Lemo is a cliff burial site with galleries of ancestor statues. In contrast to Londa, coffins here are not deposited in caves or crevices at the foot of the hill. To the north lies a compound of four granaries and one Tongkonan.

This place is often referred to the home of the spirits. In this Lemo cliff burial site you can see the deceases tha stored in an open air, amid the steep rocks. This cemetery is the combination of death, art and ritual.

At certain times, the clothes from the bodies will be replaced through the ceremony of Ma Nene. It located in Toraja District. At this Lemo cemetery, there are Tau-Tau that made of wood or bamboo and it carved as human figure to embody the human spirit.

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