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Upacara Adat Toraja | Mayat Hidup Suku Toraja

by admin, 11 months ago
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Not Strong Do not Watch...! This is the Uniqueness of Toraja Tribe | Mayat Hidup Suku Toraja

About the customs of Toraja people, ok I start from the beginning of the early story of Toraja people tribe in the early times indeed Toraja people still know who his name is Aluk To Dolo
Aluk: Trust
To: People
Dolo: It used to be

Beliefs Ancestors of Toraja ancestors still adhered animist beliefs where ancient people who had died his corpse was told to walk to the place where his grave is on a high cliff and steep. Toraja custom also still not know yet "Rambu 'Solo" Toraja people used to still use "Rampassan Barata", which where rampassan Barata in the event of people died in toraja first chicken in a fight called "ma'pasung manuk" and head of man who cut as the escort of soul corpse to puya or nirvana. After the Dutch colonial enter into toraja the Dutch government remove "Rampassan Barata" and make it as "Rambu 'Solo" which where the corpse buried through the Toraja custom and animals that must be sacrificed in the form of buffalo and pig animals in the ceremony of "rambu' solo" 'in 1913 then the Christian religion came in to Toraja brought by the Dutch pastor so the "rambu' solo" itself must have important stages in carrying out the ceremony of the dead.

1) Mamma masaki
the deceased while being put at home to be fed and drank as people deserve to fall ill.

2) ma'pasaung manuk
where chicken is also one of the activities in the show 'solo before the ceremony signs' solo implemented the first pitted chicken.

3) Ma'pasilaga Tedong
which the buffaloes of the families will be in a fight or fight to entertain the public in the fighting bull fighting event.

4) Ma'sisemba'
after completion of pitting buffalo fighting or fighting men then down the field for ma'sisemba' meaning footsteps kick each other against the raw opponent where in this event there is no vengeance after all peaceful resurfaces.

5) Ma'porokko Alang
where the corpse will be under down from the house to be placed overnight in the barn.

6) Ma'pasonglo / Ma'palao
Where the corpse will be in the arak using langi'-langi 'or keranda and use long bamboo then will be carried around the village by local residents or close relatives to be lifted and buffalo family also brought around.

7) Ma'pakendek La'kiak
Where the corpse finished paraded around the village and then the body will be under rise to the shelter for a few days.

8) Mantarimma Tamu
where a family entourage must first round the home page with children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and close relatives before welcoming guests to attend where guests also bring buffalo or pigs and then handed over to the deceased's intended family.

9) Ma'tinggoro Tedong
where these buffaloes of the family will be sacrificed to be distributed to people who come water buffaloes who were sacrificed by slash neck buffalo right before cutting buffalo buffalo legs tied first in front of him there are also some buffalo kelurga that people Muslim kerbunya cut according to Islamic syariat not ditebas

10) Ma'kaburu
Where the corpse will be under down again from where la'kiak where the body will be placed the home page then the children of the deceased for the woman crying to see the last time the corpse will be buried in a patane called the grave stone.

Senga' Inang Senga'
Laen Inang Laen
Adata toraya its meaning
Other Indeed Other
Unique It's Unique
of Toraja people tribe
So much from me, thanks
Meoli ko toraya aiiihihihi

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