Buntu Pune

Buntu Pune

Buntu Pune located 3Km south of Rantepao. The village is famous for its two large Tongkonan, seven traditional granaries and the open ceremonial ground (Rante Karassik). The traditional Torajan buildings in Buntu Pune date back to the late 19th century.

The Tongkonan in Buntu Pune were built for the Pong Maramba family, who are members of the local nobility. The original a nobleman named Pong Maramba, who lived in the 1800’s, built the two Tongkonan in Buntu Pune. The nobleman was the head of the local district during colonial rule, but was exiled to Maluku after it was discovered that he was planning a rebellion to colonial Dutch rule. Descendants of Pong Maramba still live in the area and are important coffee growers in the region.

On the hill behind the granaries, you can find the family grave of Pong Maramba whose body was returned to the village after he died in exile in Maluku. The hillside, behind which the grave is located, offers some of the best views of Buntu Pune.

There are still people who live in the village of Buntu Pune. As you explore the village you will see traditional houses alongside more modern buildings. Most of the houses are brightly painted in traditional Torajan colors of red, yellow, white and black. If you get up close to the buildings you can see the intricately painted designs on the outside of the buildings.

Buntu Pune is a picturesque Torajan village. Surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Toraja the village of Buntu Pune offers a relaxing escape from your busy daily life. It is a place to relax and just enjoy the moment. The village is also a great place to experience the local Torajan culture and see what life is like for people who live in the region.

Source: http://www.visittoraja.com/destination/toraja/buntu-pune/

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